Save Upper Darby Arts

Posted on Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 at 1:49 am

Back in April Adam Adorno came to me asking if I could edit a video that he had been asked to direct and shoot. I said yes.

This video was made to draw attention to the budget cuts of nearly 3 million dollars that were planned to be made to the Upper Darby School District come Fall 2012. The budget cuts included cutting all art, foreign language, physical education, and other courses from the curriculum for k-12 students.

The point of the video was to inform people of the situation at hand, and then draw them to an online petition. They needed 30,000 signatures to prevent the budget cuts from happening.

Unfortunately they did not meet the 30,000 mark. However, through the impact that this video made, the higher powers decided to not go through with the budget cuts.

To my knowledge no art classes were cut.

I learned this information a couple months back, and I am still smiling. :)

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